Case Study – Calvin Nicholls (Sculpture Artist)

Case Study – Calvin Nicholls (Sculpture Artist)

The Brief

Calvin Nicholls is an international paper sculpture artist. He’s well-acclaimed and recognized in his field of expertise.

For over 30 years he has mastered his craft and has appeared in numerous international magazines, blog posts and art shows. Such a successful career requires passion, discipline, and commitment to his work most of, if not all the time.

With a tight schedule, he’s got only a little time to do marketing online let alone refine his out-of-date website.

A long time ago, Calvin created his website with one of those one-click install portfolio website services on the internet.

It helped him to get his art visible online, it gained traction over time and he started selling art prints through his website.

However, he felt that the website he created doesn’t reflect the same mystique and sophistication of that his art. Also, the sales from these prints started to decline as of late and that’s when he decided to revamp its design. He confessed that he’s already on the last leg of his career and so he wanted to make a lasting mark, besides the steady revenue, through his website.

My Approach

Calvin came to me for help and through our discovery call, he shared to me the problem with the dwindling sales, his goals and those he hopes to achieve for both his career and his audience. He wanted his website to serve as one of the imprints of his “Art Legacy”.



His old website was unresponsive, the elements were disoriented, the contents took too long to load, and the menu items were disorganized.

With the intent to mimic an art gallery and its professional yet friendly atmosphere, I strategically redesigned his website to:

  • Bring unity and clarity to all visual elements of the site to make the navigation easy for the users which build up a positive website experience.
  • Improve the on-page SEO of all the pages to drive in more website traffic and potential sales.
  • Make the website responsive and mobile friendly to accommodate users on the go.
  • Utilize press and media appearances to establish a solid social proof.
  • Emphasize call to action buttons to generate more leads.



Considering how busy Calvin’s schedule is, I’ve set up a list of task and deadlines for the project so both of us are on top of the deadlines. I highly recommend Asana, a project management tool, to make client onboarding efficient and effective.

The Result

Calvin’s new website looks clean, professional and modern. It’s approachable and friendly while maintaining that elegant look and feel that his clients and audience will expect.

The website is designed to educate potential clients about Calvin’s process and guide them towards filling out the contact form. It’s also heavy on crisp images (paper sculptures) and social proof to emphasize Calvin’s unique expertise. Both of these factors are critical for product-based creatives.

Every step of the way, his new website encourages visitors and potential clients to take action. It’s a relationship-starting (and building) tool that Calvin can use to further expand his audience and attain more business.

To view the website click here.

Client feedback:

Liane interpreted my goals and my market very well. The new website presents the most important aspects of my artwork and service efficiently while retaining a feel of elegance. I look forward to continuing with her guidance as my online presence evolves.

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