Case Study – Izza Colico (E-commerce Developer)

Case Study – Izza Colico (E-commerce Developer)

The Brief

Izza is a Technology Consultant in one of the well-known brands of computer companies. She earns good money from her corporate job, with a substantial night differential rate but has to sacrifice the natural rhythm of her body clock. She wants to work the normal hours, not to mention on her own schedule, without compensating her finances and so she tried to do some freelance work online.

5 years ago, she stumbled on Upwork, which was then Odesk, (a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.) and consistently built her profile there. She started as a Virtual Assistant and has gradually transitioned to an e-commerce web developer over time.

But even though she’s a consistent top-rated freelancer, she feels that the platform has too much competition. There are too many freelancers who are bidding for projects at the lowest price possible. Clients tend to hire the “affordable” freelancers rather than the “premium” ones. And because of this her chance disappears before she could even present the quality of her work.

She needed a way to stand out. A method where she doesn’t have to justify her rate and repeatedly explain herself. A platform where she could weed out low paying clients from high-value ones.

My Approach

Izza came to me for help and through an open discussion, we have identified not just the problem on the surface but also the underlying cause. She was pitching feature-driven e-commerce websites which person with limited technical knowledge wouldn’t be able to understand.

We left no stones unturned and after that deep discussion, I have designed her website according to her freelance business’ goals and her target audience’s needs – the results small businesses would get from investing in her work, a solid proof that she could actually deliver quality work and a CTA with a lead-filtering form.

The Result

Through her website, the perceived credibility of her work has increased and her marketing became more on-point. She even got a couple of clients outside Upwork (which means no 20% platform fee and more earnings) by sending out the link of her website in her direct proposals and linking her website to her various social media accounts.

To view the website click here.

Client feedback:

“The website that Liane did for me was just the thing I needed to up my game. She made me realize what was missing in my marketing efforts and has even improved them. She has a great knowledge of marketing and understands good UI which makes her work truly effective.”

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