Case Study – The Creative Lee (Artist / Entrepreneur)

Case Study – The Creative Lee (Artist / Entrepreneur)

The Brief

The Creative Lee is a personal project, a blog I created for myself to represent the artist in me.

I wanted the website to serve as my avenue for my art ideas, creative pursuits and the lessons I pick up as I go along.

Although I am already pursuing a creative endeavor with my web design business, I don’t want to neglect a part of me that itches to create something entirely for my own.

To force myself to continuously improve my craft as an artist, I have made a rule that the only thumbnail image I will use for every content I publish is my own sketches, doodles or paintings.

The Approach

I want it to be as minimalistic as possible, but with my personality still showing through. Simple yet creative, serious but still has a touch of fun. The layout, colors and typography were carefully selected to represent the said style.

As a web designer, I made sure I observed the essentials of a great design – to know first what your website goal is and to determine who your audience is and optimize from there.

The Result

The website I built makes navigating and reading contents easy.

Its non-intrusive opt-in mailing list effectively helps grow my audience.

The design gives you an insight into who I am.

And lastly, the website enhances my artistry – to share my creative ideas without distractive elements.

To view the website click here.

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